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Society-Burnt Generation
1. What is wrong with the expression "the burnt generation"?
a. The young generation strongly resists to be called that.
b. The previous generation actually caused the revolution.
c. It should be applied to more generations, not one.
d. It does not describe the situation of almost 70% of Iranians.
2. Why does the speaker mention a song by Farhad?
a. To show the prosperity of the previous generation.
b. To emphasize the role of popular songs in revolutions
c. To imply the sun of truth will burn tyranny
d. To point out the defeat of democratic attempts
3. What does the expression "the burnt generation" imply?
a. That people have no willpower to make a change.
b. That lives have to be burnt for a revolution.
c. That we play a key role in shaping the future.
d. That the previous generations were stronger.

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