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1. What was the U.S. trying to do according to Rohani?
a. To give Iran another opportunity to drop nuclear plans.
b. To reduce the number of nuclear sites to 10.
c. To stop the completion of nuclear technology .
d. To stop 3 European minsters' agreements with Iran.
2. What did Iran need to develop its nuclear program?
a. It needed to produce the yellow cake component.
b. It needed heavy water for UF4 and UF6.
c. It needed at least 150 centrifuges.
d. It needed to turn the threats into opportunities.
3. What did Iran want to prove to the world?
a. That Iran was ready for negotiations.
b. That the supreme leader ordered the atomic bomb.
c. That Natanz centrifuges didn't produce atomic bombs.
d. That Iran was after peaceful nuclear technology.

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