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Incidents-storm (hard)
1. What was unexpected about the incident from where Majid was?
a. High number of car crashes occured in 5 minutes.
b. The direction of the coming dust was the south.
c. The heavy rain broke trees from their trunks.
d. The sky gradually turned orange.
2. What did Majid observe on Nezamabad street?
a. Ambulances were driving in every direction.
b. A pedestrian was injured by a flying object.
c. A building windows shattered glass onto the street.
d. Someone jumped a building to avoid the impact.
3. What does Majid imply could prevent the impact of the storm?
a. Taking Lake Urumia environmental issues seriously.
b. Providing more shelters on streets for pedestrians.
c. Closing the roads like Tehran-Qom with frequent car crashes.
d. Securing building materials on construction sites.
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