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1. What did Rohani ask from Sepah?
a. Not to compete with the private sector.
b. To stop the rumors regarding contractors.
c. To agree with attracting foreign investors
d. To help the other sectors.
2. What did Rohani avoid mentioning in his speech?
a. Attracting foreign investments for big projects.
b. His plan to include the military personnel in the economic projects.
c. The drastic drop in oil sales.
d. The pressures caused by the sanctions.
3. What was the experts prediction for Rohani as the president?
a. He would increase the influence of the military forces in politics.
b. He would continue to insist on his impractical slogans.
c. He would not be able to fight against the powerful Sepah.
d. He would give at least 3 or 4 national projects to Sepah.

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